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In March 2011, 3Dconnexion announced it had shipped its One Millionth 3D Mouse, solidifying its position as the world's leading provider of 3D mice for design and visualization professionals. Supported by today’s most popular and powerful 3D applications, 3Dconnexion 3D mice offer a more intuitive and natural way to interact with digital 3D content.

With a 3D mouse users can pan, zoom and rotate as if they’re holding the model in their hand or fly like a helicopter through three-dimensional worlds. It’s a level of control that’s simply not possible with a traditional mouse and keyboard. Hundreds of thousands of users worldwide testify to shortened product design cycles, a reduction in work-related fatigue and improvements in design quality.

The core technology inside all 3Dconnexion 3D mice has its roots in the field of robotics and space exploration. In 1993, a 3D controller was used on the space shuttle Columbia, manipulating the first robotic arm in space. This was the launching point for a family of 3D mice. A patented optical measuring system delivers unparalleled performance and a fundamental understanding of how designers and engineers work with their 3D software, drives the continual development of groundbreaking new products. It is the goal of 3Dconnexion to refine the technology even beyond the present benchmark established by the SpacePilot™ Pro, introduced in April 2009.

3Dconnexion is the expert when it comes to providing 2D and 3D design professionals with an immersive design experience. To help people produce better designs, faster and more comfortably is our mission. Digital prototyping is in our DNA. From aerospace to automotive, consumer goods to electronics, machine tools to game development, 3Dconnexion 3D mice accelerate productivity and design quality to a new level.

3Dconnexion's North American headquarter is in Boston, MA.

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